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You wake up in a cold sweat in an unfamiliar room, blinded by fluorescent hospital lights as you open your eyes. You're so sore you can barely move, as there's a dull ache all over your body -- centered especially at the base of your spine. As your consciousness starts to return to you, you become acutely aware of a feverish itch spreading from your back and down your arms... oh, dear. Is that fur?

Your eyes must be playing tricks on you. Before you can investigate further, you notice that there's a folded letter sitting on the stand next to your hospital bed, addressed to you...


Outpost 209 is a panfandom adults-only RPG with strong sexual and body horror themes that takes place in modern-day Siberia. Characters wake up in an ambiguous holding area, unsure of where they were last -- in fact, their entire memory has been wiped upon entry to the facility. After an initial checkup for any other pressing symptoms, they are then assigned a dorm room and given a laptop and a few changes of clothes, as well as ample time to adjust to their new changes before the next checkup.

Through a strange new virus, characters are being slowly transformed into animals, and with it comes the strong psychological drives that animals have. The strongest, of course, is the drive to mate, claim territory, and fight for your right to do so. The degree of physical changes varies from person to person, as one person might only have the minimal animalistic symptoms and stop there, but another patient might react more strongly to the virus and develop even more changes than usual. Patients must struggle to maintain the increasingly fragile balance between their human selves and the animal they're being transformed into and have no control over how their bodies are going to change, or what will happen next...

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